Happy April 1, 2006


Not much news here.Spring turkey season in Kansas opens next weekend.So I went out to the land we lease on a turkey scouting trip.Typical Moeller luck.The farmer says that corn will be planted in the field on or about April 1, 2006.Here is the field as we arrived:



The field was freshly tilled.So the farm equipment was in there over the last week.Unfortunately the turkeys donít seem to like all the disruption.So we didnít hear any turkey calls and they didnít answer our turkey calls.However there was a herd of five or six deer acting as a greeting committee.





There was a lot of deer sign.There was also sign of a good sized dog.There was very little turkey sign.We walked the southern perimeter along the river.We found a spot where a large bird was plucked.It wasnít a turkey and it had a lot of down feathers.




On the western edge we did see tracks and a few feathers from one turkey.



On our way out we saw the turkey flock on the field just to the east of our hunting lease.They never got closer than 200 yards away.You could see them clearly with the binoculars, but the 3 megapixel camera was not good enough to resolve them.They appear just as black dots.They were upwind and too far away to respond to our turkey calls.



So typical Moeller luck.Look for turkeys and see deer.The guess for the fall deer season is that there will be plenty of corn fed deer on the property.


Happy 49th Birthday, Nancy.



Mark and Wink