Flower Show



We had a quiet week with Andrew here.  Andrew got Wink out of the house every day this past week.  So much so that by the weekend both Andrew and Wink were ready to relax.  You’ll have to get the story from Wink because I wasn’t there to document it.  You already heard about our adventures last weekend.  Andrew decided to take a nap.  So Frodo piled on.



Wink relaxed and caught up on some reading.



So while other people have their lap dogs, due do his penchant for catching a few ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s, I’d like to introduce our NAP DOG:


Meg’s Best Friend


Sunday morning we dropped Andrew off at the airport and he arrived safely home in Detroit.  Wink said his trip was Detroit-Minneapolis-Wichita-Oklahoma-Wichita-Memphis-Detroit: quite an adventure.  He really doesn’t like to travel so we were glad to see him.


After we dropped Andrew off, we went to the flower show.  Seeing as it is functionally spring here with absolutely beautiful weather, the flower show seemed timely.  We spent a couple of hours going through the exhibits.  We talked to a soft spa guy about getting a new spa.  We talked to a wood refinisher about the deck.  We talked to two groups about an awning for the deck.  We saw lots of outdoor tools and bought a rake and pruning tool.  We saw fabric art and paintings.  We got a quote on a new grill.  The old grill dates from when I first starting blogging.  It is a little long in the tooth and has been refurbished twice.  We would need to rehabilitate it again after the move. 


We saw the preparations for the show when we went to the last symphony.  It was a pretty big deal.  They shut off a good portion of the parking lot to get ready for this.


But mostly we saw flowers.  Enjoy:






















So we are back to being childless.  We hope to adapt.  Tomorrow I can order Pops tickets.  This year they plan to have a steel drum band.  Wink looks forward to it in May.


Not much more news.




Mark + Wink