First Frost


It’s getting toward the end of October and we are expecting our first frost tonight.  Today was Oktoberfest and a beer tasting down at Century 2 and I’ll have to hear about it from my friends on Monday.  We worked on the house instead.  Meg’s bookcases arrived last night and we installed them in her room.  How could not having bookcases for Meg’s books be a problem?  Let me demonstrate:

Our Guest Bedroom


So we temporarily put Meg’s stuff in the guest bedroom last August when we painted her room.  A good guess is that it will take a bookshelf or two to house Meg’s collection.  So here it is:




So we added five bookcases to one wall of Meg’s room.  Wink informs me that Meg hopes to add another bookcase to her collection placed next to her mama san chair.  These were just barely big enough to fit all of the books.  Now her bedroom looks like a library.  My understanding is that Meg likes it that way.


Meg’s Library


Meg’s Room


We also moved the couch around in the Living Room and brought the love seat up from the den in the basement.  Soon  bookshelves will be built in to the left side of the fireplace in our family room and we are looking for a tv cabinet for the right. Next we will move our two adult bookcases to the loft as well as the chair and ottoman that are too big for the family room.  So big changes ahead.  Here is the Living Room in transition.


Living Room


Loft in Transition


Gradually this house is becoming our home. It is laid out so differently from the MI house that we have to try out our furniture like puzzle pieces to see what fits and what doesn’t. Sure wish the kids were around to help us move the stuff around…


More later……….



Mark and Wink