Botanica Fall 2006




Potter’s Pans Steel Drum Band


Wink and I went to Botanica Gallery In The Garden today.  They had another steel drum band.  The mixed drink offerings were Mimosa’s and Blue Hawaii.  Wink and I split one of each.  Wink liked the Blue Hawaii better.


Blue  Blue  Hawaii


It was a low key afternoon.  We will have a busy week.  Not too much to report on.  Got some good pictures today, so I thought I would share a few.   We had a high of 77 degrees today with a wind out of the north. Great weather for yard work. We pulled out four overgrown spirea bushes from the front of the house and Wink trimmed some bushes on the opposite side of the front walk. Then we showered, ate lunch, and headed to the Botanical Gardens in Wichita.  It was a partially cloudy day.  But a nice day to see the art in the park.  Wink purchased a few items and Mark enjoyed himself.  I tried a few features on the camera that I haven’t experimented with before.  These were the close up features.  Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment. The butterflies are mostly from the netted butterfly house.  There were a large number of Monarchs migrating through the area.









Over the past several weekends, we have been getting ready for deer season.  This is when Mark gets to go sit in the woods and watch the animals.  Last year all he shot was a turkey.  He shot at one deer and missed.  But 2006 is a new season and I am ever hopeful so it is time to set up the deer stands and try again.  Meg drove out to help set up and to get some hours of practice driving.  One trip was near sunset and she took this photo.




Meanwhile, Mark helped some friends set up a two person stand.  Last year as you may recall, it took three grown men to set up the three two person stands that Meg hunted from.  It was a chore.  It wasn’t any easier this year.  Here we are setting out to set up the stand.


Two Person Deer Stand


Heavy Cover


It took all five of us to get this stand in place.  It was as hard as I remember it.  I failed to take a picture of the stand when it was finally put up.  It was a pleasant afternoon’s diversion getting the stand set up.


Purple Plants with Purple Flowers


Susan, can you identify these purple leafed plants with purple flowers? The butterflies and bees seemed to love them. We might want to plant some here next year.


A pleasant day.  More blogging later.



Mark and Wink