Boring Wichita

OK.My job tonight is to convince you that life is utterly boring and almost not worth living when one is incarcerated in a RED state such as Kansas.Wichita is the largest city in Kansas.They say it is windier than Chicago and sunnier than Floriduh. So all we do is hang out around the house.The critters donít seem to mind too muchÖ.


Life in Kansas



Wink Finally has Some Lilac Bushes complete with Monarch Butterfly


Flowers in Yard


Ah! Spring!


Wink hosted the book club this month.Two guests came to the house and Mark hid in the basement with Verdi Bird.The guests did eventually get to meet Verdi after a quiet evening of discussion.Wink got to suggest the book for next monthís meeting.


On Saturday afternoon, Mark and Wink went to the Rock and Gem Show at the Cessna Center.There were exhibits, lectures and vendors there.One booth there had dirt bags and for $1.00 a scoop, one could search for gems.Mark splurged and got two scoops.So now Mark has a small bag of gem chips.Wink found a woman who sold lamp work glass bead jewelry and we bid in the silent auction for cool rocks.The high light of the show was a lecture on a mammoth tusk that was found in Wichita during some highway construction last summer.The guest lecturer was a Professor from Wichita State University.He was a very entertaining speaker.The audience was full of geology buffs and the question and answer session at the end of the talk was also interesting.


Sunday morning, Mark got up early and went turkey hunting.The hunting trip mirrored the scouting exactly.We saw six deer and one turkey.It was turkey season and we got closer to the deer than to the turkey.The weather has been hot.We walked the perimeter of the fields we lease.There were no other human foot prints, so no one else had been hunting there recently.There was very little turkey sign, but there was plenty of deer sign.A doe must have just had a fawn because one deer foot print was the size of my little finger.So even though it was nice to get out, there was no action.However, the crows did answer the turkey call.We also heard an owl.I guess the crows, turkeys and owls all hate each other.


Sunday afternoon we went to the Wichita Wood Sculpture and Carving Show.This was a small specialty show downtown.Wink likes the craft shows.Most of the exhibitors were wood carvers.As we got there, they were having a contest.Each person was given a block and an hour to create a sculpture.At the end they were judged and prizes were awarded.


Carving Contest

Sculpture Contest


Metal Sculpture


Wink enjoyed the show.She bought a few gifts for others and some bowls for herself.They have different woods in Kansas and the artisans can be creative. It was fun to see what the exhibitors had created.There were some really nice wild life sculptures.I liked the fish and Wink liked the birds.They had a door prize and I bought some chances for the prize.I did what dad suggested and crinkled up the paper so it took up the maximum volume.Everyone laughed at me as I was the only one to do that.I guess thatís ok as I won the prize.They assured me the entries were well mixed. So we won the pileated woodpecker carving. They say the sculptor is one of the best in the US.So here is Wink with the door prize.


Door Prize

Pileated Woodpecker


Mondayís weather was interesting.As Mark was driving to work there was a severe thunderstorm to the West and North of our house. The front line was right over our house.It looked like the storm was going to miss us.In fact I got to work with only a sprinkle.I got to work about 7:30 AM.This was fortuitous.The people who didnít get to work early got clobbered.And the front pushed over our house.I was watching the radar and I called Wink to alert her to the potential problem.With all the thunder, lightning and commotion, she gave up and took some pictures for your enjoyment.Because we were on the fringe of the storm, the damage was not too severe.But the critters voiced their displeasure with the goings on.I guess it was pretty chaotic.So for your viewing enjoyment:





They have an interesting vernacular for describing hail.The little stuff is pea sized.Next is dime, nickel and quarter sized hail.The biggest hail in the area in the morning was golf ball sized.We didnít get any that large in our neighborhood.There was also quite a bit of rain with these storms.Wink says the back yard filled with water.She was going to plant some flowers there, but now thinks sheíll use flower pots instead.


After we purchased a new grill, we felt compelled to fix up the deck to welcome it.Because the deck faces South, we ordered an awning for it.The awning matched the grill colors.I think it was fortuitous because we ordered the awning before the grill.Well, the awning was installed last week.We didnít really use it yet, because did I mention it is windier than the Windy City.Wink prefers that the awning remain attached to the house so we havenít deployed on windy days like we had all last week.I will get a picture someday. It was retracted so no harm came to it.


Just to keep Wink on her toes, the contractor to power wash the deck before staining it showed up at noon.I guess they cleared the hail and debris off the deck and washed it.Now we need a couple of days for it to dry before it can be stained.


I drove home during a relative calm in the storm.As soon as I got home, the news was preempted to track some severe thunderstorms in our area.They have radar that can track the circulation (at various altitudes) and you can watch the tornadoes spawn.It is entertaining to watch.So they were directing people in the path to get into their storm shelters.I guess the storms let up a little and were downgraded to severe thunderstorms when they got to us.We have satellite TV and it conked out when the storms were directly overhead.We just got rain but to the west of us, they got baseball size hail.Golf ball and baseball sized hail goes right through car windows.Weather-wise, it was an impressive day. We just watched the late news and a lot of cars will have to have their windows replaced now. A police squad was caught at the shift change and had to borrow cars to use today.


All is calm.