Bambi Comes Home


We got a post card in the mail that said Meg’s deer was ready to be picked up.  We got it today.  It was bigger than I remembered.  The dog took great exception to having him brought into his house.  Frodo barked at him for an hour until Wink made him quiet down.  So Bambi rests in the chair until Meg gets home to put him on a wall next to Sheila.


Meg’s Deer




There you have it.


Wink is off to get Meg and bring her back to Wichita for the summer.  Meg has big plans for the summer.  She wants to test out of Latin II, take guitar and learn to drive.  But right now she has exams until Wednesday.  Wink will stay with Andrew while she is in the Detroit area.  She will be busy this next week.


Frodo will go to doggie day care while Mark works next week.


We have Andrew’s plane tickets for the Moeller reunion.  Meg will drive Wink and I to Dubuque.  Maybe Wink and I will help a little.


Otherwise, not much news.  I have been practicing with my new bow.  I will need to get a fair amount of practice in if I want to hunt with it next fall.  It shoots pretty well.  We will lease the same farm for the next hunting season.


All for now.



Mark and Wink