Meg is Fifteen !!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Meg!


Fifteen is a difficult age, at least for the parents.Meg has already started to talk about driving.We have been playing punch-bug in the car to increase her awareness of the road.She is also riding in the front seat.So all that is involved is changing seats with her.We survived it with Andrew, so at least we are experienced.When Andrew was first driving the minivan, another parent saw me clutching the strap and laughed at me.I guess it is another life transition, to mobile teenager hood.Scary for the parents anyway.


Meg had a quiet birthday at home.But last Saturday was the Young Archer Banquet.This is when the Detroit Archers have a wild game roast on Saturday morning.Meg provided six pounds of venison for the stew and another member provided a whole hind quarter for a roast.So we celebrated Megís birthday at the Detroit Archers.Megís friend Jackie came along for the party.


Meg and Jackie


We set several three dimensional targets for the junior archers to shoot at.The kids really enjoy shooting at something other than paper targets. So we got the banquet and the targets set and enjoyed the morning.


3D Target


Firing Line


Meg Shooting her Recurve Bow


Megís Result


Recently Meg has been shooting her recurve with her friends Saturday morning.She also shoots the bow with me in the basement.She is shooting it pretty well.All four of her arrows at this target were kills, either heart or lungs.


Bear Target


Roast Venison Hind Quarter


The Feast


We left the boyz at home and they were happy to get any attention they could.


Verdi and Frodo


Verdi had a tough week.We took him to the Vet and had his wings clipped and a pedicure.He was way too mobile when he could fly.He was routinely going where ever he wanted even if we didnít want him to.He has built up his wing muscles enough he still has some mobility even with his wings clipped.But he has to be much more circumspect with his reduced flight capability.


Andrew is TwentyOne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It doesnít seem possible, but Andrew turned twenty-one a short time after Meg turned fifteen.This transition is a further blow to a fragile parents ego.There is no way I am old enough to have a twenty-one year old child.Andrew marked this occasion with a subdued party at home.He did get to choose the menu, which ended up being pasta with a vodka marinara sauce.He didnít like the red wine we selected so opted for a glass of white wine to celebrate the big day.




Happy Birthday


Andrew is Twenty-One


I seemed to have survived the week.Not much news.


All for now, luv,