Mark is 51


I hate to admit it, but I turned 51 yesterday.I was feeling a little blue the night before and so I picked the title color based on my current outlook.Everyone is sick here.Wink has a lingering cold.Meg had the cold too and at first one ear ended up blocked and now both are.So I am taking Meg to the doctor this afternoon.Even the weather cooperated.We got a new record snowfall for my birthday.


Record Snow


I used the snow blower and cleared the driveway at about 3 inches of snow.It was a wet heavy snow and the snow blower had some trouble with it.Meg didnít have school today because they have Presidentís Day off.Andrew got up and drove to school in time for them to cancel school for the day.He got up early so he wouldnít be late.Oh well, he got some practice driving in the snow.He said he didnít think the roads were that bad.I got out and tried to clear the driveway while he was away.The snow blower wouldnít cooperate.It shook a lock nut loose and I couldnít find it.I replaced it with a wing-nut but it kept shaking loose and finally, I lost it too.It didnít matter, I ran out of gas too and donít have any more 2 cycle engine oil to mix new gas with at this time.So I will stop at the hardware store on the way home and get the stuff to fix the snow blower, I hope.


We had a subdued celebration of my birthday.Wink baked a spice cake and I fixed a mixed grill with sausage, chicken and steak.Wink fixed a salad and I made wild mushroom couscous.The wine selected for the event was a Beaujolais.

Salad††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Mixed Grill


Birthday Dinner


After feasting, we had the birthday cake and cards.


Birthday Cake




There were three candles on the cake, one each for 17 years.In spite of the cold, I had enough air to blow out three candles on the cake all by myself.The dog was jealous and wanted to get into the action.




Meg took many of the pictures.She did a study of the candle and other subjects.

Candle by Meg


Not much news here.Friday was parents visiting day at school.Meg had missed every other day of the week, but we went for parents visiting day.I enjoyed it.She has English, History/Religion, French, Math, lunch, Science, free period and art.In art she is learning to do metal sculpture.They have quite a machine shop set up for them to learn.I was impressed.It is quite a day, especially if you donít feel well, just ask Meg.


Thanks to Rod for calling and leaving a Happy Birthday song on our answering machine.I also consulted with Susan on le menu.Jayne and Dad also called to cheer me up.


All for now,