March 2005


I must confess to utter and abject failure for the second year in a row.I got Guinness in cans and had to settle for Bass Ale as I was too late to score any Harp.I made my Black and Tan for St. Patrickís Day.I thought with the cans instead of bottles like last year, I would triumph at last.Sadly I lost my curved mixing spoon and couldnít find a suitable replacement.So I mixed it anyway to this result.


An Utter and Complete Failure


So to console myself, I drank them anyway.Because of the hardware problem, I was unable to achieve the desired result.I got a four pack of Guinness and a six pack of Harp, so I wasnít constrained to a single try.A couple of days later, I decided to try again but this time using a proper beer glass.


Proper Ingredients


Success at Last!!!!!!!!!

(meg says: MY DAD IS WEIRD!!!!!)


Things on the home front have been a little chaotic as well.I took my drug test, Medical History and background test and am waiting to hear from Wichita.We contacted a realtor here in West Bloomfield with the idea to get the house ready to sell.She suggested an extensive list of work she recommended to get the house detailed for selling.The list included paining the den, removing wall paper from the front hall and half bath and painting them.Painting the ceiling beams throughout the house.Removing the mold from the kidís bathroom and repainting the ceiling.Replacing a sink and recaulking the kidís bath.Repairing and repainting the ceiling in the master bath.And last but not least, finally finishing the tiling job around the stove.The realtor also suggested clearing the decks to make the house show as well as possible.


Wink, Meg and I also met with the head of admissions at Cranbrook.We met to discuss Meg boarding at Cranbrook next year.We had a chance to ask questions and got a tour of the dorms.It looks like that is a done deal at least.Meg seems to be looking forward to being a boarder.


Last week, Wink and Andrew and I went looking at apartment near Oakland University.We visited two apartment complexes and got tours.Andrew found one he liked but Wink thought it was very dark inside.There are still a couple of places we could visit before we have to make a decision.Last night we went to Best Buy to look at furnishing the new apartment !!!We looked at TVís and DVD players.We also looked at vacuum cleaners and washer and dryers.Andrew was most interested in the TVís.We will also need to shop for a bed, couch/futon, microwave and other modern essentials. Heís got some stuff left over from dorm living.


We contacted the handyman the Realtor recommended and got a quote.We decided to go with him and he has been working on the house for a week.It was a big job emptying the den so it could be painted.Our home life is almost totally disrupted during the renovations.We had hoped to have it done before Megís spring break but that was not to be.The workmen were here all of last week including Saturday.It looks like they will finish by Thursday or so.Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.We tried to keep the animals company as much as possible because their life has been significantly disrupted.


Den before painting


Half Bath in Progress


Hallway without Wall Paper


Mark Bird and Dog Sitting


Things are getting worse, send chocolate!


Iíll try to update again as soon as I get pictures of the finished house.More news soon.